As a HDR-Photographer I lead you on an exploration into the exciting new frontier of High Dynamic Range Imaging. HDRetouching is a technique to edit more details and light in a image by retouching.

High Dynamic Range Imaging

High Dynamic Range Imaging is a method to digitally capture, store and edit the full luminosity range of a scene in ways that are just not possible with a single captured image. High Dynamic Range Imaging emerged from the movie industry and was once Hollywood´s best kept secret. Gaining attention is the starting point for new business contacts. Your advertising photography is frequently an introduction to a new customer. HDR-IMAGE or HDRetouching with extraordinary effects has to create an initial impact to inspire new customers.

HDRetouching is the only way if things are moving

HDR images are generally achieved by capturing multiple standard photographs and then merging them into an HDR image. In the photography of moving objects for example yacht photography and fashion photography is the merge of several photos not possible. HDRetouching brings back lost details in the image. We create impressive, natural-looking pictures with HDRetouching.

How to create HDR-Images

How to create HDR-Images who reveals highlight and shadow details: Take multiple photographs at varying exposure levels. Use software Photomatrix to merge the photos into an HDR image. By adjusting the settings you get the look from natural-looking or surreal. High dynamic range photography is a complex and very technical photography style. As such, many HDR editing applications have complex controls and complicated interfaces.

HDR-Image style from realistic to artistic

HDR EFEX PROTM create any style from realistic to artistic, and every style in between. Unlike other applications, which only have a single tone mapping algorithm. HDR Efex Pro’s multiple tone mapping algorithms truly enable a broader range of results. By incorporating multiple proprietary tone mapping algorithms HDR Efex Pro can support whatever unique look you choose for a particular image.

When we use HDR Efex Pro, the visual presets and preview modes are being displayed using the same rendering algorithms as are used for the final output of the HDR image. This eliminates the need for going back-and-forth with test prints and ensures accuracy between what you see and what is output back to the host application (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture).

HDRetouching is spectacular and unique

High Dynamic Range photography is a process in which multiple exposures are captured, aligned and merged to generate a single image that enables a much wider range of colors and tonality. We try to achieve the same effects with labor-intensive HDRetouching - with the many details we can improve individual to fulfill customer requests.